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Cristóbal, 23. ABORREZCO las divisiones geografico-politicas, pero soy de Santiago de Chile. Me gusta el Rock, Punk, Metal, Comics y muchas cosas más. No creo en que "el trabajo dignifique al hombre", pero el esfuerzo si. Soy adicto a la música y al café. /////////English: I hate Geo-political divisions, but I'm from Santiago, Chile. I fuckin' like Rock, Punk, Metal music, also I like Comics and other stuff. I don't believe in " work gives man self-respect", but the effort does. I'm a music and coffee addict.

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Avenger - You’ll never take me (Alive)

Tags: AvengerYou'll never take me (alive)Blood SportsNWOBHMSpeed MetalHeavy MetalU.K.My Uploaded Audio1984
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